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Enhanced Social and Life Skills

Etiquette For You recognizes the need for and cultivates adaptable programs that accommodate all age groups in both corporate and social settings. Resources are available for customized requests and to bring the best information forth to meet the varied needs of families and trending interests of corporations.


About Sandi

Certified Etiquette Consultant, Author, Speaker, and Trainer

Cultivate confidence, create interest in who you are, and generate respect. Be memorable!

Providing the best tools and techniques of American social norms that shape first impressions and promote trust, connection and friendship, I will work with you to make you, your employees, and your children exceptional leaders.

"Etiquette is the science of living. It embraces everything. It is ethics. It is honor." - Emily Post, Author and Columnist

The Etiquette Edge

Ultimately, all the guidelines on how to behave properly in any social situation come down to a simple principle: treat others in a manner that values everyone and denigrates no one.

Becoming the person who seems to handle any situation with grace and confidence will get you noticed for the right reasons. And once the spotlight is on you, you can leverage your intelligence, your training, and your creativity to help you achieve your goals.

(Beverly Langford, President of LMA Communications (consulting/training/coaching firm) – strategic communication and message development – Atlanta GA)